Delicious Japanese Food, Authentic Japanese Setting


309 Jarvis St., Whitehorse

Authentic Udon & Donburi

Warm your belly with Asahiya Japanese Restaurant’s signature steaming hot rice or noodle bowls, filled to the brim with flavourful spices and all your favourite ingredients.


Zaru Udon: $10.95

Tenzaru (zaru soba or udon w/tempura): $15.95

Vegetable Udon or Soba: $11.95

Wakame Udon or Soba: $11.95

Tempura Udon or Soba: $12.95

Chicken Udon or Soba: $12.95

Beef Udon or Soba: $15.95

Nabeyaki Udon (hotpot noodle): $18.95

Seafood Udon or Soba: $20.95

Curry Vegetable Udon or Soba: $12.95

Curry Tempura Udon or Soba: $13.95

Curry Beef Udon or Soba: $16.95

Curry Chicken Udon or Soba: $13.95

Vegetable Yaki Soba: $12.95

Chicken Yaki Soba: $15.95

Pork Yaki Soba: $19.95

Beef Yaki Soba: $19.95

Seafood Yaki Soba: $20.95


Oyako Don: $14.95

Gyu Don: $15.95

Katsu Don: $14.95

Tendon: $12.95

Chicken Teriyaki Don: $15.95

Beef Teriyaki Don: $17.95

Unagi Don: $19.95

Vegetable Curry Don: $12.95

Beef Curry Don: $15.95

Chicken Curry Don: $13.95

Korokke Curry Don: $12.95

Katsu Curry Don: $13.95

Seafood Curry Don: $19.95

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