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Assorted Combos & Bento Boxes

For those guests with bigger appetites, we offer plenty of mouth-watering entrees and sushi combos to fill you up. We also offer party platters for take-out or delivery that are perfect for sharing and sure to be a hit at your next get-together.


Chicken Teriyaki: $18.95

Beef Teriyaki: $22.95

Tempura & Chicken Teriyaki: $22.95

Tempura & Beef Teriyaki: $25.95

Beef & Chicken Teriyaki: $25.95

Vegetable Teriyaki: $15.95

Tofu Teriyaki: $15.95

Salmon Teriyaki: $26.95

Deep Fried Oyster: $20.95

Chicken Katsu: $19.95

Tonkatsu (deep fried breaded pork cutlet): $19.95

Fish Katsu (wild sole): $19.95

Scallop & Prawn: $28.95


Party Tray A: Veggie Tray: $26.95

Yam Roll, Kappa Roll, Pumpkin Roll, lnari Roll, Avocado Roll, Veggie Roll

Party Tray B: $29.95

Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll, Kappa Roll, California Roll, Dynamite Roll, B.C. Roll

Party Tray C: $32.95

Spicy California Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Dynamite Roll, Spicy Chopped Scallop Roll

Party Tray D: $68.95

House Roll, Rainbow Roll, Alaska Roll, Smokey Philadelphia Roll, Volcano Roll, Spider Roll

Party Tray E: $59.95

Salmon Roll, Tuna Roll, California Roll, House Roll, 4pc Salmon, 4pc Tuna, 4pc Tamago, 4pc Ebi

Box A: $13.95

Veggie Roll, Veggie Teriyaki, Veggie Tempura & Salad

Box B: $13.95

Tofu Roll, Tofu Teriyaki, Veggie Tempura & Salad

Box C: $15.95

California Roll, Chicken Teriyaki, Tempura & Salad

Gyoza Box: $14.95

California Roll, Gyoza, Deep Fried Gyoza & Salad

Salmon Teriyaki Box: $19.95

Beef Roll, Beef Teriyaki, Tempura & Salad

Fruit Box: $15.45

Mango Roll, Fruit Tempura & Salad

Dynamite Box: $18.95

Dynamite Roll, Prawn Tempura, Ebi Sushi & Salad

Unagi Box: $22.95

Sashimi & Sushi Box $35.95


Vegetable Combo 1: $15.95

Veggie Roll, Spring Roll, Avocado Roll

Vegetable Combo 2: $15.95

Yam Roll, Tofu Roll, Avocado Roll

Vegetable Combo 3: $16.95

Kappa Maki, Oshinko Maki, Veggie Roll, Avocado Roll

Vegetable Combo 4: $18.95

Veggie Roll, Avocado Roll 1pc, Avocado 1pc, Asparagus 1pc, lnari 1pc, Shiitake 1pc

Roll Combo A: $14.50

Tuna Roll, Salmon Roll, California Roll

Roll Combo B: $17.95

Beef Teriyaki Roll, Chicken Teriyaki Roll, California Roll

Special Roll Combo: $17.95

California Roll, Chicken Teriyaki Roll, Dynamite Roll

Spicy Roll Combo: $17.95

Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, Spicy Dynamite Roll

Tuna Salmon Combo: $18.95

4pc Tuna & 4pc Salmon

Saba & Toro: $24.95

4pc Saba & 4pc Toro

California Combo: $20.95

2pc Salmon, 2pc Tuna, 2pc Ebi & California Roll

Tekka Combo: $22.50

Salmon, Tuna, Tako, Hokkigai, Saba, Ika, Tobiko & Tekka Maki

Deluxe Sushi Combo: $29.95

Salmon, Hamachi, Toro, Saba, Unagi, Hokkigai, Amaebi, Ikura & California

Asahi Sashimi Sushi Combo: $39.95

Salmon & Tuna Sashimi, Rainbow Roll, Salmon, Toro, Hamachi, Amaebi Hotategai, Ika, Ikura

Aburi Sushi Combo: $29.95

Hotategai, Ika, Salmon, Ebi, Toro, Beef & Aburi Philadelphia Roll

Assorted Sushi for Two: $48.95

2pc Tuna, 2pc Salmon, 2pc Chopped Scallop, 2pc Unagi, 2pc Tako, 2pc Prawn, 2pc Tai & California Dynamite Roll

Deluxe Assorted Sashimi & Sushi for Two: $88.95

Hamachi & Salmon Sashimi, Awesome Roll, Mango Paradise Roll, 2pc Salmon, 2pc Toro, 2pc Hamachi, 2pc Amaebi, 2pc Hotategai, 2pc Unagi, 2pc Ikura

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